Florida Pre-Paid

<p>Does anyone know how much that covers? Does it include books? Is it strictly tuition? Are there other fees that I still have to pay? I'm kind of foggy on this. I do not have the dorm plan, but that's ok because I have bright futures. My bigger concern: will there be hidden costs my pre-paid wont cover?</p>

<p>Do you have both the tuition plan and the local fee plan?
If only tuition, there are still local fees and extra fees like parking for example you may need to pay.
Even if you have the local fee plan there are extra fees and books that are not covered.
The Four-Year University Local Fee Plan only covers the student activity and service, athletic and health fees associated with 120 undergraduate credit hours of enrollment in a state university in Florida.
Did you buy your plan before the tuition differential kicked in 1/31/2007?
If not, new students will have to pay the tuition differential.</p>

<p>Even if you have the 100% Bright Futures they only give a portion of the book money they used to. Try to buy used books online to save some of the expense.</p>

<p>You will also need money for food besides for the dorm don't forget.<br>
There will also be other incidental supplies, entertainment and travel expenses to consider of course.</p>

<p>Mine was purchased back in the early 90's. And my mom said it is the local fees plan, i think. lol</p>

<p>I know there are a lot of extra expenses but i was just unsure of exactly what the florida prepaid covered because I heard a rumor that it covered books. But that's just too good to be true. :p</p>

<p>I purchased the tuition only Fla pre-paid tuition plan (does not include fees or dorm). It is my understanding that it covers 120 semester hours. The program will reimburse you for the tuition cost per hour times the number of hours you take. For example if the cost per semester hour is $130 ($80 for tuition and $50 for fees) and you take 15 semester hours then the prepaid tuition plan will pay out 15 X $80 or $1200 for that semester. If you have bright futures and Fla Prepaid I have been told both go into your account and allow you to cover all costs (tuition, fees, books and dorm). </p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>


<p>UCF says that you "may" use your BF towards Dorms if you have FL Prepaid for tuition.</p>

<p>The plan first became available in 1988 and only offered the Tuition Plan and the Dormitory Plan. Tuition is basically the cost of your classes and FPP will contribute an amount equal to the (current credit rate) x (amount of credits taken in the semester). For example, the current credit rate for the Fall08-Spring09 semesters was 90.89 per credit. So if you took 15 credits, 90.89 x 15 = 1363.35 </p>

<p>The local fee plan became available in 2002 and even though FPP did send out letters about the new plan, many people were unaware that this name plan surfaced and just assumed that tuition paid for fees and classes which I am assuming what your mother thinks. Local fees would not be covered by the tuition plan and you would need to pay that out of pocket or with other scholarship help. </p>

<p>Unlike FPP, Bright Futures in considered a unrestricted scholarship which mean they give cash to the school. That money can be used to pay for other expenses such as local fees, books, meal plans or whatever. Any other leftover money, if there is any, would go directly to you.</p>

<p>Hope this helps!</p>