Florida Southern, any information is appreciated

I know of several students looking in to Florida Southern’s relatively new BFA MT program. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of their program or the audition process. Thanks!

Hi @Pohsmom, I do not have a lot of information but my D has an audition on January 27th. She has already been academically accepted with a great scholarship!! We live in Lakeland, Florida so it’s not my D’s too school but we are keeping options open. I am also an alumni. If you have other questions message me.

Christianne Roll is AWESOME! Great person on top of being an amazing teacher. ~ VT

My D audition last year. Happy to tell you about the day and how the auditions ran. Send me a PM if interested.

@sabersunshine I PMd you!

We were thinking about adding Florida Southern to my D’s list because it is only about a 3 hour drive from us and their audition day happens to be on the one “free” weekend left. But as I have found is common with private schools, the admissions/merit scholarship $$ is not cut-and-dried like it often is for state schools (certain SAT score plus certain GPA equals out-of-state tuition waiver + $X scholarship). Running the Florida Southern net price calculator, which gives us estimated financial aid based on her stats, shows it being about $9000 over our max (we are not applying anywhere that would require doing loans).

So question is: anyone have knowledge about Florida Southern’s level of merit/ talent scholarships for those who might be accepted?

My D received a merit scholarship that covered almost half the tuition. We did not do any applications for it. It was included in her academic acceptance. We have an audition for MT on 1\27. They have artistic scholarships also. Hope this information helps.

Thank you @mandidnam!

Did you also add in Bright Futures which might be up to $6500 for the top award and the FRAG, which was $3300 this year? You might also find some local scholarships which can be used at in state schools, even private schools.

We are not Florida residents, so won’t help us.

Attended Christianne Roll’s recital last night. She was fabulous. Seems to be really in touch with her students too. One big family. Wife told me she thought the same thing when she saw her working with the BTP kids over the summer.

Likely an up and coming program.

I visited the school not too long ago. I was extremely impressed by Christianne and have recommended the school to several students. It is a beautiful school with a very intimate atmosphere. One of my students started this year and seems very happy so far!

It is on our list and auditioning 12/1. We met Dr. Roll last summer when we were doing college visits/vacation. We were very impressed with her. She spent approximately 1 hour with us and seemed very close and caring with her students. Love the campus and the town. It is one of our top picks.

My friend is currently in their Theatre program and LOVES it. She said that the students get good training without the crazy stress and toxicity of some other programs. A lot of people I know have said that it’s definitely an up-and-coming program.

All of your observations and experiences are spot on, Christianne is an amazing human being and a fabulous Teacher! ~ VT

@sabersunshine I would love to get details too, but I guess I have not posted enough to be able to pm??

Anyone here have a student currently enrolled in MT here? It is high on S’s list. Curious as to what current students or parents think…what do they love, or not love? Thx!

@lithpool , we loved our 12/1 audition and really considered the program. DS decided to go with an early offer from Nazareth instead. It was a close call! The program seemed fantastic!