Florida State OOS Tuition Waiver

@bashkuradu most schools have a scholarship application deadline. For automatic consideration scholarships you have to submit your admissions application by the deadline to receive automatic consideration for scholarships. If you don’t apply by the deadline for that school, your chances of getting merit scholarship are lower or gone. Need-based scholarship frequently has a different deadline, and other merit scholarships at the school may have different deadlines. For any students out there, make sure you know what the scholarship application deadline is for each of your schools. For many schools, it is the same as the early action deadline.

Mom of 2 CT, would you or your daughter consider calling and asking about why no waiver? Some on this forum have said there is some chance of waiver if you get your test scores up by the end of the year, so maybe the same thing exists for gpa? Maybe they made a mistake with your daugher’s application? Worth an ask, if she is interested in attending, it is certainly a lot of money at stake.