Florida State OOS Tuition Waiver

I am a senior from IL looking at some last minute colleges and I was wondering what kind of qualifications are required to get an out of state tuition waiver. I have a 3.6 unweighted and 4.2 weighted gpa, and a 33 composite act. Do I have a chance of getting one of these waivers?

30 act is the cut off for full OOS tuition waiver so you would be more than fine!

kkornblum, is your application already in? You would be solid for the waiver as bcnbound mentioned. It’s going to be more competitive for the “regular decision round” but I think you still look good to make it. Have you visited FSU? (Great game last night, BTW!)

I haven’t been down to visit. I’m just researching some more safety schools right now. The only one I’ve applied to is Alabama, and I’m looking for some more to keep my options open.

The following thread has a number of schools that provide auto-merit with a 33 ACT.


I was expecting FSU to be huge and impersonal. However when we visited this summer, it gave quite the opposite impression. Their admission staff really does a great job! It also didn’t hurt that the campus was beautiful.

My kid got one with a 29 act & a 3.8 GPA.

I got a 50% OOS waiver with a 3.8 uw/4.2 w GPA and 28 ACT, i’m sure you’ll get a waiver

I have 3.85 unweighted,30 superscored, and 4.35 weighted. Do yall think i can get the full OOS?

Also, just wondering if yall sent every act scores. I know it said somewhere that they superscore but require all, but everyone i have asked have said they did not send all scores.

I think I read somewhere that 30 was the cutoff for full tuition and 29 ACT for 50 percent tuition reduction for OOS.

But if i have a 29 comp 30 super, i should qualify for FULL?

This is more than likely to be incorrect. FSU’s scholarship page does not list the break points of OOS tuition or the full tuition waiver.


They do list a NMF scholarship which is in-state tuition plus $2,400 per year plus the NMF scholarship.

Given that a NMF winner will score well above a 32 on the ACT and Alabama only offers a full tuition waiver with a 32 ACT or higher, I highly doubt that FSU will be full tuition waivers to students scoring a 30 ACT unless they are football or basketball players.

This is recent info (mid-December) from another thread, from someone who talked to the admissions office:

I don’t know if this will apply to the next round of admits, but this apparently was the cut-off for those who received acceptances in the early round.

I posted in another thread that my daughter did not receive anything from FSU and she had a 31 ACT. Maybe her 3.65 GPA was too low? Also, she applied for Fall, and got Summer.

It’s possible that the GPA figures into it also. 31 ACT seems plenty high enough on its own.

We were told the OOS waiver criteria varies year to year when we toured over the summer. They said last year’s freshman class got 50% at 28-29 ACT and 30+ got the full waiver. Then you would also get the $2400 yr freshman scholarship at that point. I think GPA needs to be in the correct range too. My D got the full plus the $2400yr so far.

Would applying regular action affect my chances of getting the waiver with similar scores as someone who got it ealry

@Zinhead it’s not a full tuition scholarship.

Just waiving the OOS portion of tuition.

@ClarinetDad16 - Thanks. That makes a lot more sense.

I also posted this on another thread, but I think FSU recalculates GPA to weight honors and AP classes differently than your school may. Keep this in mind when reviewing any criteria. Does this sound familiar to anyone else who attended the admissions presentation?

For reference, my daughter received the full out of state waiver with an UW 3.97 W 4.65 33 ACT composite. She received the scholarship information either with her acceptance or very shortly after.