Florida State University Out of State Admissions Requirements?

I know that with state schools, their priority is the students in the state that they are in.

FSU’s website said their middle 50% GPA is a 3.8-4.3 and their SAT score is a 1760-1960. However, I know it is slightly more competitive for out of state applicants to gain admissions. My GPA and SAT score are within the bracket, but on the lower end, and I am quite concerned that because I am not in-state, that they may deny me, and FSU is my top school at this point. Therefore, if anyone has more of an out of state requirement bracket it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m in the same boat gurl <3 good luck to you I hope you get accepted!

@faithciavarella thank you <3 you too!

Good Morning…don’t worry! My son was told the same thing he has an unweighted GPA 3.7 and he had a 27 on ACT… he was accepted from NY and we went this weekend for excepted students day…and he is now officially a Nole!!! :slight_smile: My advice is have at least 2 EC’s that you are very committed in…my son was treasurer of the debate team and Trivia Bowl team. He fundraised in the summers for, Morrys Camp, that helped underprivileged kids get resources so they could experience camp. FBLA and Latin/National Honor Society. He also privately tutors. They want you to be involved rather then fluff your resume with 100 clubs/volunteer/honor societies…they know you can’t offer much if you are in too many things. His essay was great…he wrote about an experience he had to shadow a patent attorney in NYC and he knew what career path he wanted. In our opinion, and I am biased…lol…he was the whole package…yes, his grades/ scores weren’t the highest but in the end it didn’t matter. Good luck to you both!!!