Florida State Vs. Temple University First Year Abroad

My daughter has been accepted to Temple University’s First Year Abroad in Rome, and Florida State’s First Year in Florence. She is having a hard time deciding between the two. Temple seems to have a better business program, but Florida State offers in-state tuition for the remaining 3 years after Florence. Temple is more urban and Florida State is the quintessential “college” experience. Any advice or recommendations out there? Florida State will be less expensive, but she got some merit aid from Temple so we can manage the tuition without loans.

Did she get into the Fox Business Honors program? What area of business does she want to pursue? We visited Temple before Covid. S20 almost ended-up there. He had Fox honors and merit to make the COA just room and board. I was impressed with the business school and liked the campus. It’s small and compact with easy access to downtown. Off-campus is rough but I think it’s being gentrified.

Which one keeps you out of debt?

She is in Fox, but not in honors - her primary interest is International Business. We wouldn’t need loans for either school, although Florida State would definitely be cheaper. We have scheduled a visit next week.

Either one is a good choice. She should pick the one she likes best. If she had got Fox Honors I’d have gone that route. They really look out for their honors students. We’ll be at FSU next week as well for S21. He’s into film but didn’t get into their film school. He did get into their digital media program with honors and OOS tuition waver so it’s worth a visit. Good luck.

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She should choose what environment she likes best, what makes the most financial sense, and (if she isn’t going to grad school right after undergrad), where she wants to work after graduation. I imagine recruiting at both schools is heavily regional.

I personally would probably choose FSU because it’s hard to justify paying more for Temple over FSU (unless there’s no way I am staying in the Southeast/definitely want to be in the Northeast).

Where did she choose? My son is going to Florence FSU