Flu Shots

<p>On Friday, the Ashe center is providing flu shots at the Health Sciences Patio. Does anyone know where that is?</p>

<p>souther than south campus</p>

<p>i got my flu shot yesterday at the bruin bear. there was a long line so you shouldn't miss it. even had a sign that says "free flu shots"</p>

<p>this was around 11:30-12</p>

<p>By the bomb shelter right? </p>

<p>(Useless message since I'm going to go google it right now anyway)</p>

<p>It's right outside the Health Sciences store. Right outside Biomed library</p>

<p>and if, for some reason, you miss all free clinics, you can make an individual appointment in ASHE.
doing so, however, puts us allergy-shot receivers at a disadvantage when flu-shot recipients take up all the appointments.
so i'm only saying this to make sure those people who generally get a flu shot every year (asthmatics, etc) do so.
the rest of you, find a darned clinic! it'll do ya good :)</p>

<p>Just took it. Dang the line was long</p>

<p>Really? I was there at like 1:10 and it took me about 15 minutes, not too bad. The girl who gave it to me was a cutie, too, and I enjoyed our small talk :p..</p>

<p>I meant 11:45 AM. I guess the line simmered down then.</p>

<p>Yeah? I guess being there early wasn't the best idea in this case..</p>