Flute Player, Music Ed, Looking for schools

<p>Hi. :) I'm a flute/piccolo player in need of help. I've placed 1st in regionals on piccolo, and 1st flute in district bands. I take flute and piano lessons. I play piano and marimba, I'm an active member in my school's band (section leader, piano accompaniment, indoor percussion program), and I love kids. I'm currently a junior looking for schools. I know I'm nowhere near Julliard level schools, and I prefer universities, although if I really do like the conservatory, I'll look at it. I'm specifically looking for schools that offer that 5 year program where I can walk out with a masters in education but a bachelors in performance. Currently, I'm looking at these schools:</p>

<p>Boston University
Montclair University
Northwestern University
Temple University
Rowan University</p>

<p>I'm an A/B student (As in subjects like English and History, Bs in subjects like math and science) with 2 honors classes (history and Italian) and an AP class (English). I'd prefer schools that are rigorous with academics as well as music. And I like schools that are near a major city too. If anyone could tell me about the current schools I'm looking at, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm also wondering if there are any other schools that I should look into with a great faculty and program, preferably on the east coast.</p>

<p>Check out the Hartt School of the University of Hartford. The flute faculty is great and the music ed program is very strong. I have not checked out the 5 year options but I think they exist. You would have a conservatory in a university setting.</p>

<p>I'm a flute music ed major at Temple now. I'm also in the Honors program which would def. be for you as well if you're looking for rigorous academics. It's def a great mix..."conservatory style" music program within a large scale university in a great city! Of course I'm bias, because it's my school, but feel free to PM me or ask me questions on this thread I'm happy to answer them! I also auditioned at and considered Northwestern and my flute teacher teaches at Rowan as well and I'm familiar with their program, so I could give you some info about them as well or the audition process for flute in general! Good luck!</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon may have what you're looking for:</p>

<p>"At Carnegie Mellon, undergraduates who wish to earn a K-12 certification do so as performance majors who add Music Education as a minor. If you are an undergraduate seeking a Music Education certification, apply and audition as a music performance major, and, if accepted, express interest in pursuing the Music Education certificate when you reach your sophomore year of your performance degree study."</p>

<p>How many flutes do they take a year? I'm really nervous about that since flute is such a competitive instrument.</p>