FLVS Easiest Classes?

<p>I need some easy FLVS classes to take (AP, honors, or regular). My goal is to take 9 (some half-credit classes included) by May. Since it's too late for me to take AP Human Geo at school, I was going to take the 1st semester online and then 2nd semester at school. I've already taken APUSH/AP GOVT but that's it. I'm currently taking AP Lit, and am enrolled in AP Macro for next semester. Does anyone have any experience with any easy FLVS classes? I've looked through threads and they were all years ago, and course material has obviously changed.</p>

<p>what grade are you in? By the way I am currently taking two AP classes on FLVS and have taken 1 honors and 1 AP before through FLVS</p>

<p>In the end, it really depends on what classes you need for graduation and Bright Futures requirements. Personal Fitness and Fitness Lifestyle Design were both easy, but don’t take them if you’ve already taken a year of PE. Other than that, I’ve taken Latin 1 and am currently in Latin 2 and AP Computer Science FLVS. Latin is a pretty difficult language though, considering that it counts for standard credit. And Computer Science is alright, but it can get confusing with some of the programming logic. </p>

<p>Hey @awakeningvenus I am also taking AP Computer Science. Who’s your teacher?</p>

<p>Be careful as to which classes you take, because the actual course material can be lacking. For example, I personally to AP US GOVT online with FLVS and the actual course material is crap (you’d probably gain more from self-studying) and all of the exams/quizzes come from the online textbook verbatim. </p>