Fly in Days?

Are Fly in days just normal campus visiting days? DS got an email from his admissions lady but there wasn’t much detail.

I have never heard of Fly-in days. Maybe your AO meant Admitted Tiger Days (Tiger Friday or Trinity 360). If you look under the black info for button on the website, you will see an option for “Admitted Tigers” which will give you more detailed information about these days. We will be attending the February 8th Tiger Friday, so I will report back on how it goes.

If it is for admitted students I would go. My opinion was you got a much better fit for what school live was like on admitted student days. They went in detail in to the Pathway requirements. It is very important you understand Pathways. My daughter new she had found home after the admitted student days. She is a sophomore now.

@COboysmom , I don’t know either but they obviously think they are worth paying airfare, transportation and the works plus an overnight. Can’t imagine they do this for everyone! If your DS is serious, I say go! For us, the merit aid just isn’t enough, so most likely will decline, but incredibly honored for the fly in offer!!