Fly in program + early decision

Do you really think being accepted in to Colleges fly in program and attending & also applying ED will give you an admission boost? My D was accepted in to a fly in program and interviewed there, the interview went well and now I allowed her to ED to this school, do you think she has a good boost due to attending the fly in program and applying ED?

I think they tend to invite students to fly ins that they want. But no one can say for sure, or that the FA will work. But really, she should be working on her match and safety apps while she waits. A kid can get flattened by a denial, so being further along on their other apps can be helpful if it happens.

Yes. I am not sure how it works at every college. But at Williams at least, they told this year’s students who attended Windows on Williams that about 90% of those who attend WOW and then apply are admitted.

(But since 10% are not, better make it a good application!)

You have to think that they have already screened those applicants and that they have invested money in recruiting those applicants… so presumably, those applicants are a high priority for the college.

Good luck to your daughter.

Students have referenced here at CC at least one college as having released information(at least in prior years) related to the percentage of students who participated in the fly-in, and then that group’s rate of acceptance to the college.

Perhaps you could look on the fly-in page of the college your daughter attended to see if there is similar information there. If you found any related information - absent any direct statement by the college - the most you could do is find it to be suggestive, and not conclusive.

Edit: Oh look, @TheGreyKing has given information on a direct statement.

Do you know of any other colleges that has released informational related to the percentage of students who participated in their fl-in programs? I’ve heard a lot about Williams but what about other institutions?

Anyone else have more insight on this?or have any statistical numbers form other college fly in programs? For Williams to be so prestigious and be ranked the #1 liberal arts school WOW! 90% admission boost seems confusing.