Fly in programs

Hello! I am planning on applying for a few fly in programs this summer (Williams, Smith, Amherst, Middlebury, Tufts, Haverford) and some ask for SAT scores.

I have taken the SAT but I only scored a 1480 ( 760 reading and 720 math). I plan to take it again in June but scores won’t come out till mid July and I want to submit these applications as soon as possible as most admit on a rolling basis.

Should I submit this score, wait until I get my June score (which hopefully will be higher), or go test optional?

For context my gpa as of now is 92.5 UW/94.57 W. Based on my grades right now I expect it to go up a point or two by the end of the year. Also, my grades are a bit skewed as I struggled with some classes freshman year, especially first semester, though my grades did go up in those classes second semester, and first semester sophomore (because of remote learning).

I’ve taken AP Euro: 4, AP CSP: 5
This year I’m taking APUSH, AP Environmental, and AP Lang and Comp (also as some of these programs will consider AP scores if submitted, should I wait to get these scores?)

Side note: being from NYC would I be considered as living too close to Haverford for this program?

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That is a terrific score and you can submit it to all fly-in programs with confidence. I assume the “fly-in” aspect isn’t always literal and it’s fine to apply to Haverford’s.

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That’s great to hear, thanks!

I agree with @Yonkers6thBoro, those are terrific scores. I would submit them and if your score goes up, you should be able to submit those, too. Distance doesn’t matter for “fly-in” programs; they’re designed to attract smart students from traditionally underrepresented groups to campus. Good luck!

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Since you mention that I should submit new scores if they go up, I assume you mean you are allowed to add additional/update info to your application after you submit it?

I don’t work for any of these schools, so I don’t know for sure if you can. You should reach out to the contacts for these programs and ask. They should be happy to help you since they’re trying to attract students even if they can’t admit all of them. In any case, I would submit your scores; they are strong.

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Absolutely submit them. AOs understand that you might retake. They look at the whole picture.

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Okay thank you!