FOCUS and freshman seminars?

<p>Have any of the current students taken any of the FOCUS programs or freshman seminars? Are they worth taking vs. other 100 level courses? Any particular advantages?</p>

<p>I'm wondering this too. I'm debating between the Cahokia seminar and intro to archaelogy</p>

<p>a current student I talked to actually recommended not doing one because they are very reading and writing intensive. But who knows what her academic background is</p>

<p>Anybody sign up for freshman seminars and other First Year Program choices?</p>

<p>I ended up going with the freshmen seminar (on Cahokia). I figured most of my other classes will be huge, I should have at least this one small discussioned based class since I really enjoy those</p>

<p>Signed up for MBB for 1st and 2nd choice, so hopefully I get it. I signed up within five minutes of when registration opened. I really want to do PNP so I know this program will help a lot and it seems so interesting.</p>

<p>I signed up International leadership.</p>

<p>The Focus programs are great! I haven't heard a bad thing about any one of them. Int'l Leadership, Text & Tradition, and Mind Brain Behavior always have amazing things said about them. I don't know anyone who has taken the Cahokia class -- it may be new? -- but I've been to Cahokia and can definitely see a class about it being interesting.</p>

<p>The classes are really small, have a lot of discussion-based learning, and a lot of outside reading/writing. It's definitely a great introduction to the types of learning you'll encounter in your upper-level classes later one. You really get your money's worth in these classes.</p>

<p>Do I have to take Gen Chem my freshman year in complement with MBB, assuming I'm accepted?</p>

<p>I took the Freshman Seminar Chem 181 last year. It was a one credit class pass/fail. It was crazy easy but the class took place in the late afternoon on Mondays. Most kids in the class fell asleep because the class was pretty boring and it was late in the day compared to most other freshman classes. Unless you love listening to boring speakers who love to hear themselves talk, I wouldn't recommend taking this class unless you are desperate for the extra credit.</p>