FOCUS: Nationalism and Identity: The Making of Modern Europe

<p>I heard about this course, and I'm taking this next year. Does anyone have any experience with this course? What about the trip? How long is it/how is it supervised/can we go out on our own/what do we do etc? </p>

<p>thanks in advance!!</p>


<p>This focus class was my favorite class freshman year! It is over two semesters, with the first semester concentrating on the history of France/Germany from the late 1600s until WWI. The second semester is more of a cultural history class, we read excerpts from operas, books, poems, etc. Be prepared for a lot of reading in both semesters, but you can get by with skipping/skimming some things, but should probably go back and read them for the exams! The first semester is taught by Professor Hause, who is fantastic, and is pretty much a genius grandpa (he's retiring at the end of this upcoming school year, so enjoy his lectures while you can). The second semester is taught by Professor Erlin/Tatlock depending on the year. </p>

<p>I didn't go on the trip (a little more than 50% of the class did) but the class is worthwhile regardless. And its nice to have a small class where you can really get to know the professors/fellow students.</p>