Focus needed?

<p>Hey guys, Cornell's one of my top (if not THE top) choices and I had a question about admissions.</p>

<p>While trolling around the forums I've seen many people mention that Cornell is a school that wants kids to really know what they want to pursue and the focus on how applicants "fit" into the programs they have an interest in. </p>

<p>So im wondering if it's gonna be an issue that i'm pretty much all other the place EC wise without a particular focus (i want to study biology) and I even highlight in my supplement that my interests have changed over the years.</p>

<p>Thanks for the insight!</p>

<p>It really depends on the program you are applying to. I would suggest you apply to CAS as you aren't allowed to apply to a specific major and many freshmen enter CAS without a major in mind. Even if you apply for Biology, you won't technically be a bio major until you decide to apply to the major, which I believe you can't do until your second semester (and you must have at least one major no later than your fourth). I've always thought writing the essays is harder if you are going to be enter undecided, but as long as you can explain why you belong at Cornell and write a strong essay, that's what really matters.</p>

<p>i had similar worries when i was applying to ILR, because my only ECs that were sort of related were mock trial and studying abroad. my others were also a little scattered (volunteering with speech pathologist at a hospital, working for a mathematics museum, jewish youth stuff) so don't think too much of it, they just want to see that you are involved in meaningful activities & display leadership. i agree with mikeyc765, with arts and sciences you won't have to target one specific major, just give them a gist of your particular interests</p>

<p>whew. that's relieving to hear :D. Thanks for the info guys</p>

<p>much love XD</p>