Follow my heart or the Conventional Wisdom?

I am 28 years old and have never attended college. I got a late start on life. However i dont believe its over for me by any means.

I’m stuck ith two big decisions i keep going bback worth with. Pursue at Creative Writing major (which im seriously leaning toward) or knock out my basics in two years at a community college.

I feel strongly that if i never try to take a serious stab at writing then i will have this giant wall of regret and curiosity that I would always feel.

Whats should I do? Need to make a decision very soon.

Oh, and the reason i call it the “conventional wisdom” is because people say, “well hou can always write on your own, creative writing isnt worth it”. " get basics done, get a general business degree ".

Do you have enough money to pay for the place where you would pursue the Creative Writing major? Then go ahead.

However, if your budget isn’t big enough for that, then there is nothing wrong with starting at a Community College to get your Gen Ed requirements out of the way before transferring. Chances are that the English department there offers a couple of Creative Writing classes.

he college is SNHU online actually. Its highly accredited and one of the first few results you get when you look up creative writing classes. Id really want to try it. Id be taking the classes online.

Now as far as expenses each classes is $960. A littke less for me with F.Aid. I should be able to afford it with taking one classes at time for now. And there’s no CW classes at the CC.

There is nothing wrong with taking one or two classes at SNHU to find out if you like the online format. I’d suggest that you start slowly and see how it goes. Not everyone likes that format. Many people are happier in live classes.