"Following up on my invitation" email..

Greetings, I just finished my junior year and am now officially a senior. This summer so far, my email has been filled with emails from universities mostly telling me to come check their campus out, but a specific college “University of Hartford” has been emailing me quite a few times and it has caught my interest. They’ve emailed me saying that “I am at the top of their list of rising seniors I think would be a good fit for the University of Hartford” and have mailed me a letter saying the same thing pretty much but was SIGNED by the dean of admission. Yesterday i received this email

"Hi, Christopher. I’m following up on my invitation to apply to the University of Hartford for 2016 admission.

Students at the University of Hartford are encouraged to go where their passions take them, Christopher, and I look forward to learning more about what interests you.

In fact, I also encourage you to come explore campus and see firsthand how our supportive environment allows a healthy mix of research, teaching and community involvement – attracting world-renowned scholars, acclaimed visual and performing artists, and industry leaders who are dedicated to helping students excel.

Continue discovering the advantages of the University of Hartford and apply for admission as early as you can.


Richard Zeiser

Dean of Admission

Is this just some sort of marketing strategy or are they legit in thinking about me to apply for the fall admission? I’m pretty interested in this school and they have the qualities that i want. Of course i will be applying to different schools as well but this school has to be among my top 3 list of schools to apply to. Please respond with your thoughts, thank you and have a fantastic day/night !

I’m convinced these are automated as alot of people receive these. I actually have a funny story:

I won’t mention which college, but my friend received a similar email to yours. Basically, the college told him to apply and that they were “highly interested” in him and they would waive an admissions fee for him to apply. Now, this school isn’t among the top-tiers, it would probably be considered a safety for someone with a 2000+ SAT, 3.8+ GPA etc. So after submitting his app, he was WAITLISTED and later rejected, even though this college had sent an email that showed interest and told him to apply.

Because of this episode, I wouldn’t put much merit into these automated emails. I mean, they’re good because you get exposed to different types of schools. But no admissions is guaranteed through an email (unless they’re admissions decisions or likely letters).

Good luck!

It is purely a marketing tool. If after researching different schools you feel UHartford is a good choice then by all means apply but don’t be swayed by the emails.

The likelihood of the “signed” letter from the Dean of Admission being a computer-generated replica signature is quite high. I agree with Happy1 - if the marketing literature helps you find a school that is a great fit, then it’s done it’s job. Do look at where you stand with regard to the current student body. If you’re in or near the top of their target range, that’s a good sign. Some schools are realistic in who they target in their marketing. Other schools (and I’m looking at you, Columbia and UChicago) aggressively send targeted personalized marketing materials to students who are highly unlikely to gain admission to the school. And they send LOTS of them. Evidently the amount of money gained in non-refundable admissions fees offsets the costs of digital and physical marketing materials for these schools.

I got the same email, and got rejected