Food allergies and Holy Cross dining service?

Parent of current HS junior interested in Holy Cross for Chemistry. She has several severe food allergies - milk proteins, sesame, shellfish, peanuts, and most tree nuts (coconut and almond OK). Does anyone have first hand knowledge of how well dining service handles special diets and food allergies? We have been told that what is written in school publications doest not always reflect the day to day experience of the severely allergic individual. We were advised to talk directly to students with food allergies to get a real idea of how accommodating a school is. Any input would be most welcome!

You might ask this on the Paying for College 101 Facebook page. The other idea is to sign up for the housing/dining social media for Holy Cross. Usually you can get a daily menu dumped into your inbox to get a sense for a school’s food. You might also reach out and see if you can ask your question on Unigo or some other student site. Also, I signed up for a few colleges’ Facebook pages for parents and have been able to ask dietary questions, thoughtfully worded, that way. Good luck!