Food Allergies at Barnard

<p>I am allergic (anaphylactic) to nuts and peanuts. I was wondering how Barnard typically handles students with food allergies and who at the school (maybe Food Services or ODS?) I should talk to about specific accommodations the school provides. Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>I have a friend who is allergic to tree nuts (and not peanuts), and has had some issues with Dining Services regarding the information they provide you regarding ingredients at the dining hall. That said, they claim to be fully upfront about what contains nuts, peanuts, animal products, etc in their food, but they seem a little sloppy to me.</p>

<p>What with the meal plan being mandatory (and expensive), definitely talk to Dining Services (Welcome</a> to CampusDish at Barnard!) about accommodations. Al Sorbera and Goldi Juer, in my experience, have been pretty helpful.</p>

<p>Hewitt is sort of sloppy with that. Talk to dining services asap. Hopefully you can get a modified meal plan. (If you feel they are being unreasonable about your allergy, then you should contact ODS to see if maybe they can help advocate for you.)
After freshman year it should be easier to deal with. Good luck!</p>