Food for fire pit party

<p>We are going to a fire pit party this weekend and we need to bring a food item. Side dish, appetizer or dessert. For whatever reason, I'm stumped but I will admit that anything tastes good when eaten around a fire pit with friends. Hotdogs and S'mores have already been claimed and I'm tired of my usual things. And, it's all adults. Yay!</p>


<p>Buy a pudgy pie maker at a local sporting goods store then bring the supplies for one of these recipes:
pudgie</a> pie recipes contest.
Some of them are very adult friendly!!!</p>

<p>Will people be eatiing at tables or with a plate on their lap? That might help determine what type of food would be best....</p>

<p>With two parallel long wooden/metal skewers about 1/2 inch apart, pierce canned peach halves or use:
sliced pineapple
marinated shrimp
2 skewers allow for the food to be cooked evenly on both sides.
Stove top Jiffy Pop in their own aluminum popper</p>

<p>Potatoes in a foil pack. Slice them to be 1/4", put them in well wrapped foil packs with butter, onions, salt & pepper, any other seasonings you like. They are pretty safe when camping as it is a lot like baked potatoes (you have to be careful with baked potatoes, the can explode in the fire if not properly vented and you just turn turn the foil pack now & again</p>

<p>Foil pack beef stew.
Put beef cubes, sliced onion, peeled potato in small cubes, bell pepper, canned corn, stewed/fresh whole tomatoes, thinly sliced carrots, other veggies on hand and couple of tablespoons of beef stew mix mixed in a double layer foil package-leave room for juices and food to expand.
Boy scout camp food staple.
Put some of the juice from the canned corn, tomatoes to help cook the potatoes and meat.
Cook for several hours, depending how big the pieces of meat and potatoes are cut.
Bring a big crusty French bread.</p>

<p>Gah this thread is making me hungry! D:</p>

<p>The July issue of Sunset Magazine has a bunch of camping recipes. If you go to their website and click on "Magazine" you'll see a link.</p>

<p>This sounds like a really fun party. Makes me almost want to go out and buy a firepit. So we can all sit around it in the fog, yeah, good idea.</p>

<p>Pita pockets pizzas - cut pitas in half & stuff w cheese, tomato sauce & other toppings. (for gluten free guests, use corn tortillas). Wrap in foil & place in fire.</p>

<p>Banana boats - make slice in 'inner' side of banana, leaving peel on, stuff w marshmallows & chocolate chips. wrap in foil and put in fire.</p>

<p>Home-made ice cream, with everyone taking turns cranking the ice-cream maker.</p>