Food quality and offerings lower lately

Have any other Ole parents heard from their students that the cafeteria food has gone downhill the last year or so?

They stopped the bag lunch service and the cafe food is not as appealing as a year or so ago (most foods have mushrooms, etc).

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but Olaf has a mandatory food program… i.e. no way to opt out and get food elsewhere.

The cost of each meal is comparable to having food delivered by local restaurants.

There’s a thread discussing this same topic. Seems to be an issue nationwide. My D attends a school that has similar dining requirements. Everyone has to have a meal plan. A bit frustrating this year.

The thread you pointed out is very interesting.

Nice to see other colleges are at least providing some reimbursement for the lower quality/quantity of food (whatever the reason is).

I live nearby and anytime I visit, there isn’t a shortage of fast food deliveries going on.

St Olaf needs to do the right thing and lower the cost.