Food quality?

I would like to know what the food quality is like at the UofR. I’ve been doing some research and have stumbled across varying extremes, some say it’s great and others say it’s downright horrendous. As a result I’m a bit conflicted as to what to expect. I would appreciate it if current students or alumni could shed some light on this. It would also be nice if you could mention which dinning halls you prefer and which ones you don’t along with as to why, thanks :slight_smile:

My kid preferred Douglass because she’s a vegetarian. And very picky. So she bought stuff at the market, made food, ate some at the dining halls, some at the Commons. Her boyfriend - same UR class - really liked the food. Had no preference I know of.

Parent of a freshman here. I think it depends on the kid. My son lives in the quad and eats at Douglass and the Commons, plus he buys some junk food from the market to eat in his room. He never eats at Danforth, probably because of location since Douglass is closer to his dorm and all of his friends eat there.

He tells me the food is fine, but he has simple tastes and is happy with dining hall pizza, chicken nuggets, fries and chinese food from the Commons.

The best thing to do, if possible, is to visit the school and eat a couple meals at the various dining halls with your child. We did that with our child. I made the mistake of getting a pastrami sandwich from the kosher counter at Douglass. Never again! Worst pastrami ever. The noodle soup was good though.

My guy eats pretty much anywhere choosing based upon his desires of the day. He has often told me he wonders why students complain about the food as there are multiple options and he never has difficulty finding something he likes. He’s never been a picky eater, so that might affect his views. Compared to the schools his brothers chose (both LACs) UR’s dining is definitely miles better.