Food Science

<p>Does anyone have any idea on the food science program at PS-UP?
Ive been accepted into their program. Is it a acknowledged undergrad major? or is it treated as one of those "random" majors? Im really interested in this major as it seems interesting but i just want to know how the campus views it.</p>

<p>I think it's highly acknowledged because it was mentioned several times while I was there.</p>

Any more feedback?
Does anyone know anything about class size? or prestige of Penn State food science programs versus something like Purdue or Cornell?</p>

<p>Hey, I entered the FDSC program my freshmen year but switched majors (personal interest wasn't there). The program is great, FDSC class are always have less than 50 people in it (except the GenEd food facts and fads which a lot of people take). The people are nice and you learn a lot. The program is ranked up there against Cornell for the top spot. I believe since PSU built the new creamery they are ahead of the other univs.</p>

<p>My daughter will actually be entering into the Food Science program at PSU in the Fall, as a freshman. She was also accepted into U Delaware for the same major. From what I can gather they are comparable as far as reputation. They are both excellent. Don't know much about the programs at Cornell or Purdue, but I do know that Clemson has an excellent Food Science program as well. We visited Penn State on the Accepted Students day and took the tour of the College of Ag and were really impressed. And the College of Ag runs the Berkey Creamery! We met some professors and we thought they were great - the classes get down to 20 once you are a junior/senior and the student/prof ration gets to be 11:1. If you get accepted into Shreyer's COllege as a junior, or earlier, you can get your Master's in 5 years, which is my daughter's goal. We really liked Penn State's program, and my daughter fell in love with PSU overall.</p>