Food Service ????

<p>Sophomore daughter just sent me this link:</p>

<p>Vox</a> Populi » Breaking: Leo’s health inspection reports eight violations</p>

<p>I had forwarded her this recent email to parents, because she had been bad mouthing the food:</p>

<p>University Broadcast <a href=""></a>
Sep 12 (2 days ago)</p>

<p>to guparents </p>

<p>Dear Parent or Guardian:</p>

<p>Campus dining is an important aspect of the college experience. Our Georgetown Dining team is committed to offering valuable Meal Plans designed to make it as easy as possible for students to eat a well-balanced meal. We focus our attention on providing dining convenience, flexibility and variety, allowing students to focus their attention on academics and campus life. </p>

<p>In addition to saving time and money, the Georgetown Dining program offers a sense of community for students. Eating together provides them with the opportunity to spend time with friends, take a break from a hectic college schedule and enjoy the dining atmosphere designed with students in mind.</p>

<p>Enhancements made to the Dining Hall this year were suggestions taken directly from student surveys, comments and food committee meetings. Some of the items include launching a CampusDish Nutrition app, opening an hour earlier for “Late Night” hours, offering a hot food option and coffee at Grab’n Go locations, and reengineering menus to include more steamed vegetables and lean meats. Meal Plan participants are provided with a free reusable bag and bottle to be used at Grab’n Go locations, which will eliminate approximately 250,000 plastic bags and 250,000 bottles and cans from the waste stream.</p>

<p>Dining Services opened an Einstein Bros Bagels at the new Regents Hall, and will be opening a full Einstein Bros Bagels at the Car Barn in the near future.</p>

<p>Learn more about Meal Plan options, locations, menus, hours of operation and special events at</p>

<p>Students may upgrade Meal Plans or signup for one by visiting My Access at</p>

<p>Please note that participation in a Meal Plan is mandatory for freshman and sophomores living on campus.</p>