Football/basketball games

<p>I'm interested in applying to Florida and I am a huge sports fan. I have a couple questions about games.
- How hard is it to get tickets to football and basketball games?
- Are there any traditions that go on at games? i.e. cheers, songs, etc.</p>

<p>basketball tickets are easy to come by, the O dome is not always full even though only gators get out a live. Football tickets is done through a lottery system, with the top of the lottery being people with the most credit hours, but i know quite a few freshman that have been able to get tickets, and even w/o the lottery you should be able to get tickets to 4-5 games. </p>

<p>UF is full of tradition. There's the mister bits cheer, THE CHOMP, beating UT every year. Look up some on Youtube, very interesting. I hope i was a help and Go Gators!!!!</p>