Football or Cross Country?

<p>I have played football for three years (two jv and one varsity). I also have wrestled (three varsity) and ran track (two jv and one varsity) for three years as well. I was curious if it would hurt my application if I decided not to do football next year and instead run cross country.</p>

<p>I wouldn't think so. I kind of had the same situation as you in HS (and I got an LOA, and an Appointment, so it shouldnt affect your application)- I had played soccer all the way up through senior year, on varsity 2 times before that, but senior year I decided to give up soccer for XC. It was definitely a good decision for me. As long as you are at least doing something and not just stopping sports altogether in the fall, you should be fine.</p>

<p>run xc. i'm sure youy already have the upper body strength from three years of football, so xc will only help. it will definately build endurance and stamina, so it can only help. plus, my team at least, does core and upper body work once or twice a week, so we get in really good shape. run xc.</p>

<p>Don't do either and get more mat time in</p>

<p>xc is in the fall and wrestling is in the winter, so do both. it's only going to help you</p>

<p>What do you want to do as a Zoomie? xc or wrestle? If you plan to try and be varsity in one, do that -- and if its xc don't wrestle but run indoor track in the winter, but if its wrestling, find a club and wrestle in the fall. If you don't plan on trying to be a varsity athlete, I agree with xcrunner, do both.</p>

<p>Dolphin39, My three boys run xc, wrestle and run track (only my youngest does football). XC will help build your lung capasity and endurance. There is nothing wrong with changing sports. You may get heat from other football players who may consider running xc as the weaker of the two sports. Don't listen to them. Your goal is to be able to present yourself as an individual with the best "overall" package. As a candidate you need to be a leader, be willing to take on challenges, be of high moral character as well as smart and athletic. Best wishes to you and keep us posted on the CC forum. :)</p>

<p>mom has it right on.</p>