Football player recruited at my school...

Hello everyone! I am almost finished with the process of applying to the Academy, and just today heard that one of the football players at my school committed to Navy. What does this mean for me? Will this significantly decrease my chances of getting in or am I getting ahead of myself? I know he still has to apply to the Academy and be accepted, but I have heard that football players usually get a significant amount of help so that they will easily receive an appointment. Thoughts? Words of assurance?

It means nothing for you. Go ahead with your plans to apply and be sure to have back-ups as the Naval Academy must be considered a reach for most anyone.

You have multiple sources for a nomination; apply to all of them. As long as you receive a nomination and are academically and physically qualified, you are in the game. Never worry about what is out of your control, like who else is applying or what their status might be. Put together the best application you can by taking the most challenging courses your school offers (especially in chemistry, physics, and calculus) and participating in team sports and leadership opportunities. Up your physical fitness to its peak and, as noted above, work on your plan B and C. It is irrelevant to your application what anyone else’s assumed status is. You can only control you.