Football question/on campus bar!

<p>I'm travelling from Australia and got tickets to OU vs Oklahoma State on December 7th for the Bedlam game. Is there any way me and 2 friends can get involved with tailgating with a group, like play beer pong have a good time etc..</p>

<p>We get to OKC the night before the game, are we able to go to an on campus bar at all and meet some of the local students or something like that?</p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>

<p>As of next year we will all be students in Illinois and have student cards so its not like we are a bunch of creeps</p>


<p>Just go on campus corner and find a bar although you probably won’t be able to sit down. Some majors/ companies sponsor open tailgates. Baker Hughes is one, and it’s located at the Sarkey’s above ground entrance. Free food and beer. If you just start chattering about the game to random people sitting under a tent they’ll often offer you something to eat or drink. I’d imagine that strategy would work especially well for someone with an Australian accent.</p>