Football recruiting Late bloomer that started senior year on loaded team

I’m a 6’2 250lb senior bench 300 4.8 40 yard dash that started O-line my senior year and played D-line years 9-11 on a powerhouse team that featured numerous sec, Acc & other d1 signees. I was a late bloomer on O-line played behind older a 5 star Clemson & Baylor d-1 commit on o-line
I was looking forward to starting d-line my senior year then the number 2 player in the nation transfers to my school at my position. My team is consistently top 10 in state in the most competitive region & my school have numerous nfl and sec and Acc and big ten signees this year alone we have number 1 wide receiver in his class, number 2 Def end. Number 3 tight end. In nation and many other 3 stars . Didn’t do any camps due to covig & I only have 1 year of film at o-line but can play both O-Line and D-line. My gpa is 2.8 and D-1 coaches feel like I’m good enough to play in college somewhere and I’m just trying to land a opportunity.

2.8 is going to be tough. Maybe JUCO?

2.8 is well within the range for many D1s, and satisfies NCAA eligibility criteria. Do you have a standardized test score?

Are you reaching out to coaches? Email an introduction, fill out their recruiting questionnaire, send a short highlight video if small enough to send via email. What conferences are you looking at?

Pin your highlight video at the top of your twitter feed (create an account if you don’t have one). Follow coaches, colleges, and programs you are interested in. Retweet what they tweet. No controversial tweets or follows.

Can your HS coach help you identify programs that might make sense and contact coaches on your behalf?

What is your budget for college? I ask to try and ascertain if DII or DIII programs could make sense as well.

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[quote=“atlaj21, post:1, topic:2801675, full:true”] “I’m just trying to land a opportunity.”

  1. Sit down and talk to your HS Coach. If the program puts that many kids into college programs, your HS Coach’s connections may be your straightest path.

  2. Reach out to everyone from your HS who is on a college team and ask them to tell their coaches about you

  3. Go Ugly Early – Start looking 2 steps below the colleges where you think you are good enough to play.

  4. If you think you will continue to grow into a D-1 player, think about doing 1 semester next fall in a post-graduate HS program (Fork Union, Palmetto Prep, Jireh) and talk to your HS coach about them. Weighing in at only 250 lbs is a problem an extra year might fix, changing your situation completely.

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I don’t have score. My dad and I and currently reaching out to coaches and identifying schools I’m interested in swac and meac conference smaller d1. I have a Twitter & huddle account

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In addition to what’s been mentioned, I’d do a search here of posts by @Ohiodad51. A lot of football recruiting knowledge, and old posts, even though pre COVID, might give you some ideas.

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I am not on here very often anymore, and my direct knowledge of recruiting is several cycles old. For what it is worth, I think your high school coach is the best asset you have. My son also did not start as a junior, so I am familiar with the issue of not having a ton of tape. On the other hand, the benefit of going to a school that pushes out a lot of D1 recruits (there were 12 D1 signees from my son’s class on his team, the school probably averages 6-8 D1 players per class) is that college coaches were likely in your school regularly pre covid, and a number of them will have a relationship with your high school coaches. I have to believe that those relationships are even more important now that the coaches (assumedly) are not traveling to watch workouts/practices/games and that the camp season didn’t happen.

Given what you have shared about your high school, I assume there is a recruiting coordinator? If so, lean on that person to point you to likely target schools. If there is no coordinator, then talk with your head coach and see what he thinks.

Once you have that information, cut up the film that you do have (both offense and defense) and send it out to specific coaches as identified by your high school coaches. I don’t think unsolicited tape sent to a D1 program gets you very far. At best it is going to get watched by a grad assistant, and you better leap off the first couple minutes of tape to turn it into something tangible. But if you can get it to specific coaches who knows your coaches and your program, then at least you will get serious eyes on your tape.

Don’t worry a whole lot over whether you played more O or D in high school. A lot of guys get shifted around in college. What the coaches are going to look at are things like how you move, how flexible you are, whether you play with explosiveness. They watch a lot of tape, and they will see the same things regardless of what side of the ball you line up on.

One last thing. You need to think of your high school program as an asset. If your school is pumping kids into D1 regularly, then college coaches are going to know the school and will know the talent level. More importantly, they will know what kind of player they are getting when they recruit someone from that school. When my son went through the process, a number of coaches told me they didn’t much care if he came to a camp, or if he showed up for junior days. They knew what they were getting with an “Eds guy”. I would bet a similar situation exists with your school. So lean into that aspect of it, and don’t think about the lack of years starting as a debit. Think about the extra drills, and lifts and harder practices you went through that other kids don’t. Because speaking from experience, D1 ball is just a different animal than high school and unless you are that one in a million talent you are going to get in a program and struggle at first. Guys from top high school programs get that in a way some kid who started three years on offense and defense for a normal school really doesn’t.

Thanks that’s a lot of info. My dad knows a lot of nfl players/sports agents. I don’t know how much it’s going to help but Several current/former
nfl players are doing video personal announcement/ shout outs about me basically telling coaches to take a look at me. My dad also is going to have people like ray lewis, Terrell Owens espns mark schulera Ahmad Rashad and others do the same just to set me apart and post on my Twitter Thanks again