Football team wins -> male grades drop

<p>Or so a recent working paper studying University of Oregon students says.</p>

<p>Study:</a> When a football team wins, male grades drop
Are</a> Big-Time Sports a Threat to Student Achievement?</p>

<p>Who goes to U of O to study much anyway;-) Not to mention a sample of 1 school? They should have their PhD's revoked.</p>

They should have their PhD's revoked.


<p>There is nothing inherently illegitimate in doing a study of a single university. The only "problem" comes when people make (or infer) claims of broad applicability. You should have taken an econometrics course at Wisconsin; they have a great tradition. Alas, Wisconsin's superiority in econometrics will not make up for their deficiency in terms of team speed on the gridiron, so Oregon will prevail in the Rose Bowl.</p>

<p>I knew Goldberger and took the basic class. Team speed is way overrated. Heard that when we beat Aurburn, Arkansas and Miami not to mention UCLA twice. You can't score without the ball. And we have the Ball. I do worry about not so special teams where speed can be more important.</p>

<p>Interesting study of a flagship school which therefore represents students who likely chose it as the best least expensive option. It would be interesting if the same study were done at a couple of other flagship schools with variable records. </p>

<p>btw- I am so glad the Rose Bowl this year is between Pac Ten and Big Ten schools as was traditionally done. The game won't affect any grades as it is between semesters.</p>

<p>I hope Wisconsin wins, but even if it doesn't the school will still remain great academically.</p>

<p>barrons excellent point. If you do not have the superior team speed you better keep the ball.</p>

<p>I don't know about your's but ours, but we sent/allowed to DS to go to college to learn the skills for a trade.</p>

<p>It makes no difference whether that trade be athletics, accounting, engineering, or medical. The athletes oughta get paid-indentured survitude is immoral. The athletes have a skill that DS can never have, just like they can never have the skill that DS has. </p>

<p>DS gets an academic scholarship- They get a athletic scholarship.
DS gets recruited for a summer internship and gets paid-They are recruited for a football internship and don't get paid.</p>

<p>Something is wrong how we treat our college athletes.</p>

<p>Before year-round training was standard, most players did get recruited for paid summer jobs--usually at companies owned by alumni. I am sure some still do but most now train all summer and get room and board and access to classes, etc which is worth quite a bit too. Most also get 5 year scholarships rather than the 4 that academic kids get. Who feeds and houses your son during summer jobs?</p>

Heard that when we beat Aurburn, Arkansas and Miami not to mention UCLA twice. You can't score without the ball. And we have the Ball.


<p>You certainly have a longer memory than I do. I was just thinking of last year's Rose Bowl when Montee Ball rushed for 132 yards and a touchdown but TCU's superior speed prevailed.</p>