Football Tickets: Pricing and finding them?

<p>I'm inexperienced when it comes to football tickets, so I've got a couple of questions. </p>

<p>I have a couple of non-Umich friends who are interested in getting their hands on some tickets, so I wanted to know what is a reasonable/average price that I could find the tickets for all the games? This would also be nice to know in the event I can't make it to a game and want to sell.</p>

<p>Also, what is the best place to find these reasonably-priced tickets other than on here and on facebook (though, I will be looking into these as well as I shop around). </p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>The less popular games will probably go at face value (around $30). The more popular games, such as ND and OSU will go much much higher, up to several hundred depending on how well we do. I made a profit last year selling my MSU ticket alone to cover the cost of buying season tickets.</p>

<p>FB is the most popular way to find and sell tickets. There will be people on the streets on Saturdays, but I've found it easier to go through FB.</p>

<p>For the less popular games, the price is definitely higher than $ will probably see them for $60-70.</p>

<p>What about this student ticket validation business? If you get a friend's ticket do you really need to get screwed with the validation fee, or is it easy to get non-student friends into the student section?</p>

<p>Last year, the unpopular games were $20-30, so expect around that price when it gets closer to gametime. Notre dame is like $250</p>

<p>hmm $20-30 seems very cheap...but i don't doubt you guys..some people are nice :)</p>

<p>$20-30 is what you can get a Student ticket for (for low demand games) The OP asked for Non-Student Tickets. For a Non-Student to use a Student ticket, it needs to be endorsed ($30-$50 depending on the game)</p>

The best place to look for non-student tickets would probably be a website like, but tickets will cost about the same as Student+ Endorsing.</p>

<p>He didn't necessarily ask for non-student tickets. A lot of people simply borrow a friend's mcard for visitors to use.</p>

<p>wolverine- Why would you need a validation for a non-student ticket? If you're talking about a student ticket, which i think you are, then you need the validation, or endorsement if that's what you want to call it.</p>

<p>I was speaking of a non student using a student ticket. You have to be careful though. Once, I had a person turn someone away because it wasn't that persons id. I've only seen it once, though.</p>

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<p>For the less popular games (anything other than ND, Nebraska and OSU), you should be able to get a ticket right before the game from someone selling them around the stadium. Usually they get cheaper the closer you get to game time and the closer you get to the gate. You should be able to get the below face.</p>

<p>ohh, i see..sorry haha...yeah you want to be careful about those IDs</p>