Football Tickets (yes, I searched first)

<p>Like I mentioned in the thread title- Yes, I used the search button yet I still cannot figure out how the ticket process works. I am beginning to feel a bit dense... as it seems to make sense to most people but if someone could walk me though the process, I would greatly appreciate it. I am confused about things such as... what exactly is a coupon, when/where do I pick one up, does my status as an upper level transfer effect my ability to obtain tickets, just basically what do I need to do to get the ball rolling because I am seriously looking foward to some games this Fall</p>


<p>my s will be starting at fsu this summer. i by no means am an expert on this topic, but i will give it a spin.</p>

<p>first of all, here is a link to the student ticket information page on the web site.</p>

<p>Florida</a> State University Official Athletic Site</p>

<p>essentially, what i believe will happen is right before the fall semester begins (in august), you will need to go to the baseball stadium ticket booth to pick up your football ticket coupons. once you have your coupon book you then can decide if you wish to pursue an individual ticket for yourself, or if you will be joining/creating a group (11 or more students). </p>

<p>both individuals and groups (blocks of tickets) must then register on this web site view this process as a "virtual" line. you register there as an individual or group and get a number.</p>

<p>then the final step is going to try and redeem your tickets. you will need your coupon, fus id and virtual line registration number. typically this process begins at noon following the day after the registration window closes. remember, this process must be done for each game. its not like you do this once at the beginning of the season and you get your tickets. you must register and redeem your tickets for each game</p>

<p>i know it sounds complicated, but i don't think it really is once you do it. it also can be fun, especially for the high demand games( i.e. UF, Clemson etc.) students (i have heard) camp out early to get in line for those games.</p>

<p>of course you always have the option of buying season tickets rght now ($312) at this web site </p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
this would assure that you have tickets to all home games including the UF game. from what i have heard, the coupon system works wel and usualy you can get a ticket.</p>

<p>hope this helps.</p>

<p>Thank you- it does... so basically I am entitled to a book of coupons? Do I use them up somehow? When I searched I saw that you had authored similiar threads and that helped also but I am still a bit unclear...</p>

<p>I think this is basically how it works:
You get the coupons in August and then before each game you turn in your coupon to get a ticket. If you are part of a group (like your dorm floor, a club, a frat) one person can get a block of tickets for everybody. If not, you have to go on the web site and reserve your place in line and then wait in line to exchange your coupon for a ticket.</p>

<p>thank you cybermom... do I understand correctly in that, in August, I receive one coupon for every game.. and then in order to get a ticket, I turn one coupon in for one ticket before each game?</p>

<p>yes one coupon gets turned in to get one ticket before each game.</p>

<p>thank you!</p>

<p>To maybe clarify a little bit the coupons are a sheet. If there are 8 home games there are 8 coupons. Each one is a different color and has all the details about the game on it. You must turn in the specific coupon for that specific game. </p>

<p>Another thing many don't realize: Its very hard to get your virtual number. Everyone waits online and as soon as you can you click it. I have been right there before and gotten some low numbers. It was never low enough though that I didn't get tickets. Its much harder to get a Block (group) virtual number because they have more people trying for a spot. If you try for the individual you can exchange up to 10 coupons for tickets. This is great for small groups of friends. </p>

<p>Once you get your virtual number online you have to enter your name and the name of one alternative. One of those two people must report to the baseball stadium ticket office for the exchange. Make sure you aren't in class at this time because you have to be there. </p>

<p>On exchange day at the baseball ticket office there are tons of people standing around and a guy with a microphone will ask for number X-X (numerically obviously) Those people get in order and get their tix at the window. So technically if you have a later number you don't have to be there right away but sometimes its hard to judge how fast the exchange will go. Once your number has passed you have to go to the back of the line (aka after everyone with numbers).</p>

<p>Thanks CANOLE1 for a more thorough explanation.</p>

<p>Yes, thank you canole1 that is exactly what I was looking for. All of the replies helped but I think that covered everything.</p>