Football Tickets

Hello everybody -

I am very excited to start school at OSU in the fall. The great academics and learning opportunities were what drew me to the university, but it’s hard to overlook the excitement of football season. Is it hard for freshmen to get tickets since the demand is so high?


My sons have managed to get football tickets as freshmen and one year I did it for one of them because he was at work when his window opened. I suggest:

  • Know your window - exact date and time. Be ready and keep refreshing your browser beginning 1-2 minutes before your window opens. If you are a few minutes late, you may be out of luck. They sell that quickly.
  • Copy your code so all you have to do is paste when your screen is available.
  • Know exactly what tickets you want to order - familiarize yourself with the website ahead of time.
  • You probably won’t get Block O South, but will most likely be able to get Block O North or reserved seats.
  • Have all credit card and/or ticketmaster info ready to enter.
  • We have terrible internet where we live and still managed to get tickets in time.
  • Last year there was some weird glitch with our ticketmaster account so another son helped order tickets for his brother. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again!

Good luck!


I’m an upperclassman at OSU, and football tickets are pretty easy to come buy. There are a ton of social media groups and pages where students are constantly trying to sell tickets, so you can always get them, even if you don’t get them in the initial package through ticketmaster.

Bearvet is spot on with their advice in purchasing the tickets, but like I said, if anything goes wrong and you don’t get them, don’t worry. There are always students trying to sell theirs. Just keep your eyes out.


Most students find it more enjoyable to purchase the Big10 ticket package only. Most people sell off the games in the first ticket package for around 20 dollars a ticket, which is way cheaper than the purchase price online. Just a heads up if you’re debating between buying one or the other.

Emails went out last week with your window and code - went to junk mail for both of my sons, so check carefully if you don’t see it. Windows open on Monday June 1!

Wow the blocks sold out very quickly. 3 minutes in all that was available was the reserved seating

Bearvet -Thanks for the tips on purchasing a football ticket! I have an OOS incoming freshman and we were able to get her a ticket in Block O North. I have really benefitted from reading these helpful posts.

Great info- thank you! My D mistakenly purchased single student reserved ( season tickets). She would love to be in student block O South. ReallySleepy- you mentioned sites to go to for buying/selling. What are they specifically? Willing to offer a premium for her to get the seats in O South. Any suggestions appreciated!!

@Bearvet - thanks for the great info. My son got his Big 10 tix, but selected Reserve seating – did not even see Block-O as option, but he’s happy. Thanks

I’m glad the information was helpful!

The best way for you daughter to get block O South tickets is to try and trade with another student. Block O South tickets usually aren’t for sale on ticketing websites because they are student only and can’t get ‘upgraded’ to non student status. If she really wants to be in Block O, I suggest having her post on the class of 2019 facebook page and offering to trade packages plus pay 50 bucks or so. Also dont feel like you have to switch, reserved seats are still fun and once she makes friends she can honestly move around to any section because they don’t check.

@njquestions, all I would add to the above answer, is that on Facebook, there are groups available “within Ohio State”, which means that only students with an email address can be active members. There are literally too many groups to list, so asking all sorts of those groups will usually get some sort of response. It is also possible to sell a current ticket and then buy a Block O ticket as separate transactions (these exchanges can only be done between students as you need a BuckID to enter the games with student tickets) as the game gets closer.

If your daughter is interested in trying to switch ticket, here are some of the groups I’m a part of on Facebook that often have students selling tickets:
-OSU Student Ticket Exchange
-Class pages (ie. Ohio State University Class of 2017… or 19…or 18, they’re all on there, I’m a part of multiple)
-Residence Hall-Specific pages (ie. Morrill Tower 2016)
-Free & For Sale

Let me know if I can help with anything else!


@reallysleepy and @texasbuckeye7- Thank you for all of your input!! I really appreciate it!!

@njquestions if your daughter really wants to be a part of Block O South, she can join the club,attend meetings and/or watch for club e-mails that will allow students to arrive 4 hours early for games to work on set up for Block O activities.
My D was a freshman last year and had a lot of fun participating in Block O activities.