Football Tickets

<p>Hi guys, I was wondering if I get a family discount on football tickets with the student activity card. I can't find anything on the website other than spouse discounts, which doesn't help me very much. I wouldn't think the additional seats would be in the student section, so where are they located? Does anyone know what family prices are? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>I don't know much about the ticketing system, but I don't believe there are any discounts for family members other than spouses. Your parents will have to purchase their own tickets or season passes at the standard price. </p>

<p>Does anyone know how a student can sit with their parents if the tickets are for different parts of the stadium?</p>

<p>I bought guess tickets with a student activity card for 20 dollars in year 2005. Seats were in student section. I think they still do that, maybe for a raised price.</p>

<p>For a regular home game I've seen all sorts of people sit in the student section who are obviously not students. Fans from the visiting WSU guy was sitting in the USC student section during Homecoming..don't ask me why. There's no assigned seating for the student section unless it's one of the games with a lottery, so if I were you I'd just tell your parents to meet you in the student section. People do it all the time. I wouldn't try to go sit where the parents are sitting...those seats are probably assigned and someone will probably ask you to move.</p>

<p>I think I heard that they arent selling guest tickets this season...but that might just be for the Nebraska, Cal and Notre Dame games. Guest tickets are for the student section only (open seating for non-lottery games)...</p>

<p>Does anyone know who we're playing for our homecoming game in the fall?</p>

<p>Oregon, Nov 11</p>

<p>We have such a sick home schedule this year...probably the best in the country... Our 6 home games this year are (not in order):</p>

Arizona State
Notre Dame</p>

<p>And then at our home away from home, fUCLA.</p>

<p>Only really boring game there is Washington...</p>