Football tickets

<p>My daughter was very happy and fortunate to get season football tickets as an incoming freshman. Anyone else have any luck?</p>

<p>My daughter does wish she was in your daughter's shoes, but she wasn't as lucky. Every she logged on she had a page can not be accessed. Two of her roommates also got season tickets. Hopefully she will get tickets as wanted during the season, but I saw a lot of kids who got season tickets today promptly put them on either Craig's List or Facebook for $350 and up.</p>

<p>D only got the option of a "mini-season" which excludes all of the bigger games. Hopefully she can pick up individual tickets to the extra games. At least she has something...</p>

<p>My daughter is hoping she will find tickets once she gets to school. She can always get public tickets, but they aren't in the student section and that is a big deal. I am hesitant with buying season tickets from all of the student scalpers as one needs their Ignite Card and Student ID card to get in. I am assuming that things are not checked real carefully as long as the ticket and the Ignite card scan the same ID number since a lot of students seem to be using the season pass as a money making opportunity. Even so, I am still very hesitant.</p>

<p>my freshman son and his friend(also a freshman) both were able to get season tickets. son's friend's suitmates were unable to, however. they said it was because they had "chrome". that's a browser for google, i believe, so i have no idea why.</p>

<p>We asked several students at CWE about buying student tickets. They said since it costs $100 to replace the Ignited card, some are requiring a $100 deposit in addition to the cost of the ticket. The said it is no problem getting in with a student ticket as long as you have their card.</p>

<p>My daughter is in the process of buying tickets from another student. I won't let her give the bulk of the money until she and whoever meet at school and make an even exchange. I am weary of scams. Personally, I am concerned with her buying from a scalper, but it is her money and if it unfortunately does go bad, it will be her lesson. Her other option is to buy regular tickets, but the seating isn't in the student section. Hopefully next year things will be easier.</p>

<p>Debating what to do about tickets. I got a mini-season, and I'm a HUGE football fan. If I buy a full-season from a scalper, do you think I could sell the mini season? Or will the school let me cancel it?</p>

<p>According to the ticket website you have until August 20th to cancel your ticket. If you do decide to cancel your mini season to buy from a scalper would let me know ASAP when you plan to notify Auburn so maybe I can catch your canceled mini-season for my daughter? Thanks.</p>

<p>My daughter was very disappointed that she was unable to purchase tickets. The computer was ready to go at the appointed time and she received a "sold out" message. After a couple tries, we gave up. Is there something we missed?</p>

<p>Proud_Mom, will definitely private message you if I end up buying from a scalper...Looks like I will be at this point.</p>

<p>FYI-When I e-mailed Auburn, they suggested that before buying from a scalper, go with him/her to Will Call and Auburn will scan the ticket to make sure it is not counterfeit. They said they have had incidences of people selling counterfeit tickets.</p>

<p>jcpat, I don't think you missed anything. Getting season tickets for freshmen is kind of like getting Taylor Swift tickets. It's kind of a crapshoot as their server gets overloaded. My daughter tried many times and finally got through.</p>

<p>Is there going to be an actual paper ticket give to students? We were told at War Eagle Days last year that student tickets would be on the card but none printed out.</p>

<p>Keep checking tigeri where you ordered your tickets, I was able to get them last saturday still because I kept checking it religiously. anytime someone cancels an order it shows up there and can be purchased. I called the auburn athletic office and thats what they reconmended to me and it worked.</p>