Football Tx registration and news

<p>Returning students/grad students register NOW for football tx. New freshman need to know how to get tx too.</p>

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<p>Even though new freshmen don't pre-register, do you need to have a ticketmaster account ready to go?</p>


<p>Previous yrs tx were selling out in minutes but since they started the new system it appeared as if everyone that wanted a tx got one. Just try and get your tx. as soon as possible on your day of the sale though, just in case.</p>

on this wbsite it says to click the link at our specified time for ticket sales, but like for freshman do we click the link at 8 or already be at the ticketmaster site at 8?</p>

<p>good question. We were supposed to go out of town that night....but am holding off to make sure we have internet access!!</p>

<p>Done!!!! One less thing to worry about. Of course, if he makes the Blue Band...he'll be selling them!</p>

<p>Got 'em, yay!</p>

<p>I think D2 was more elated to get her football tickets than she was when she heard she got accepted to PSU.....</p>

<p>QuietType - DS was happy about the tickets......but will be even HAPPIER if they aren't needed ;)</p>

<p>^^^^He's just thinking of what he's going to do with the money from scalping tickets:)</p>

<p>I know what you mean and I hope he gets onto the Blue Band. When does he learn if he makes it?</p>

<p>^^He has to be up there Tuesday, August 17 for both Band Camp and honors college orientation. There will be a couple of days of both music and marching auditions, then I think he'll learn his "fate" either Thursday or Friday.</p>

<p>Good luck to your son!</p>

<p>You can't scalp them. That's why they changed the system a couple years ago. You can resell them to other people through the website though.</p>