<p>is football big at your high school? Everyone around here goes to our team's games, especially since this is the first year we have gone to the championship game since like 1984. I've even seen cameras following the premier player (maybe you've heard of him: J. King) around the hallways. I'm personally excited to go to heinz field next week to see the game.</p>

<p>Oh yes, football's very popular in my school.
I go to Deerfield Academy. Today is Choate Day where almost the entire school had its games at Choate. We beat them in jv and varsity football. Many people were there to cheer for both sides. It was awesome. GO BIG GREEN!</p>

<p>Our football team sucks, but we have a BIG team spirit.

<p>oops, some people might detected which highschool I go to...</p>

<p>Ok, we have no school spirit. Besides homecoming, few people go to games. Our track team made sectionals-and on friday we had a pep rally- which is the first time we've EVER done a pep rally other than homecoming. And we have a lot of good athletes. Strange, but I like it this way. Football spirit for my school sort of annoys me.</p>

<p>Football takes over my school. The football team probably gets 90% of the athletic budget and EVERYTHING is scheduled around football (games, practices, team dinners...) It's really unfair because the football team sucks this year and didn't even make it to playoffs for the first time in 20 or so years while other sports teams did better and yet, our school has no track but a huge new $2 mil scoreboard.</p>

<p>go figure...for a division 2 school</p>

<p>My school doesnt have a football team! :)</p>

<p>Yeah we have no school spirit and our team is amazingly awful. Actually, a decent amount of people showed up at our last game because if we had won, we would have had our first .500 season in like 10 years.</p>

<p>Our team is 12-0 and heading into the semifinals next week. Football overshadows pretty much everything else here.</p>