Foothill vs. Bowles


<p>I'm going an exchange program to Cal for a year starting from Fall 09'. I major in Maths but will also be taking alot of computer science courses. I've looked on the map and see that the closest resident halls to the Maths and CS buildings are Foothall and Bowles (I'm male), and am having trouble choosing between the two.</p>

<p>Could anyone tell me the main differences between the two halls such as location, social life, parties, quality of room, diversity, food, etc...</p>

<p>Well, Bowles is an all guy dorm. It's a quad common room with 2 individual rooms flanking the center room. Bowles has more spirit.</p>

<p>Foothill is nice too. Coed. I've only eaten at their dining hall. Never seen the rooms.</p>

<p>Since you're an exchange student, you might try the International House. It also is located not too far from Evans and Cory Halls.</p>

<p>I had a look at the international house, it looks pretty nice. How far is it though to Evan and Soda Hall? What are the difference in atmosphere between Foothill and International house?</p>

<p>I-house is not too far from Evans...maybe a 5-10 minute walk. Soda Hall is a little further. One thing though is that I-house, like Bowles and Stern is at the top of the hill...when you're walking to Evans and Soda, you'll be walking along Piedmont Avenue/Galey Rd, which is flat, and then downhill into campus. Soda is on Hearst Avenue.</p>

<p>I-house is mainly for international graduate students, but there are American grad students and some upper-division undergrads. The dorm rooms are slightly smaller, but they only have doubles. The dining hall in I-house is very impressive and has lots of international themed meals throughout the year.</p>

<p>I think I-house would be a good place, very easy to make friends. I really wouldn't worry about distance so much, they are all very close to campus.</p>

<p>Most exchange students that I know of live at I-House, it suits most exchange students in terms of the overall atmosphere. Evans and Soda aren't that much of a walk, they aren't as close to I-House as to Foothill or Bowles, but are close enough.
Where're you coming from? (from 'Maths' instead of Math or Mathematics, I'm assuming either the UK or a part of the commonwealth?)</p>

<p>Bowles is for frosh and for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who lived here as frosh</p>

<p>Yea, Bowles is only for freshmen, so if you're a transfer you can't live there. But Bowles does have the best pool table of all the dorms!</p>

<p>I'm am exchange student from University of Melbourne, Australia. International house sound like the place to be for an exchange student like me. How does international house compare to bowles/foothill in terms of facility, internet speed, and cost? Also, is it realistic to walk back to I-house in between classes, suppose I have an hour break?</p>

<p>A question totally unrelated to this: is it a norm there for senior undegrads to take grad courses?</p>

<p>I would recommend I-house. Despite Bowles and Foothill being closer, they (Foothill in particular) tend to be quiet and not as social compared to the other residence halls (The Units). Half the residents at I-house are international students.</p>

<p>As far as grad courses go, generally if you are properly prepared to take a course, you can take it. Generally I believe it's up to the instructor.</p>

<p>Re: undergrads taking grad courses. In Maths in particular it happens quite regularly. I know a freshman who's taking grad level classes next semester!</p>

<p>I have a friend who's living in Bowles and really likes it. I'm in Foothill and it's quite nice as well, but I think Bowles might be a better set-up (I can't say for sure, can't live there, being female). The Bowles rooms are fairly small and sort of old, but you've really got three rooms (two small bedrooms with bunk beds, plus a common area with desks) shared among four people. For that reason, it's quite easy to stay up late studying or whatever without disturbing your roommates. Foothill is a suite setup with 2-10 rooms (so 3-20+ people) plus a common room and a bathroom.
People always say Foothill is anti-social, it doesn't seem that bad, you just rarely socialize outside your suite. I am pretty close with everyone in my suite now though. Bowles does have a lot more spirit and events though.
Both use the same dining hall, so the food's gonna be the same, and the locations are pretty close together. Staying in Bowles might tack an additional three to five minutes onto a walk to Soda or Etcheverry compared to Foothill, but it's not that big a deal.</p>