Foothills RH Suite Double

<p>So I got "Foothills RH Suite Double" for my housing and I wondered what it means in terms of bathrooms. Does it mean the two people who live in that room share one bathroom?</p>

<p>I got that too. I'm pretty sure it's one bathroom per suite. And depending on how many rooms (doubles) are in the suite, there are a different number of stalls and showers. I think.</p>

<p>nah. if i get it right, you're still living on a floor with either 7 other people (meaning single sex floor) or like 16/20 people. Still one bathroom (or is it two at FH--one for guys/one for girls) shared. I lived in a single sex floor my first year, so it was one bathroom (2 stalls/2 showers with tubs so you could take a bath if you wanted).</p>

<p>thanks you guys! How do I know if I'm in a single sex floor or in the big floor that's coed? And is there anyway to know who my roommate is?</p>

<p>you'll find out some point in the summer (probably August) for roommates. You'll know whether it's single or coed when you find out you're suite number. If you're in building 9 (or something like that) on Hillside, you're single (or so I think...there are only 4 rooms on a floor). Anywhere else is usually coed. And I'm not too sure, but I think la loma has more single sex floors than hillside.
All of this is found basically when you get your room numbers and roommate, so you just gotta sit tight till then.</p>

<p>Alright Batman, thanks for taking you time from watching Gotham to answer this, I really appreciate it.</p>

<p>Does anyone know about the variation in size between the foothill double rooms? Is there room in the doubles for a trunk or a suitcase (not under the bed), about 3 ft wide and 1.5 ft deep (1.5 ft tall).</p>


<p>there's room under the bed, why not use it? but since it's not a huge suitcase, i'm pretty sure you can stash it in your closet.</p>