for a student who have been here for 5-6 years

<p>Hi i am Asian (Korean) who came to this country 5 years ago
I want some help in choosing colelge to apply... i would like advice from everyone especially all the foreign students...
ok here is my GPA 3.4 Unweighted.. 9th 3.2 10th 3.2 11th 3.85 or something.. obviously i did so much better in my junior year..
My SAT is 1340 , my splits bad..800 math 540 verb. SAT II : MAth IC 730 and im taking three moer IIC , Korean, Writing.. Im looking at above 700 on korean and IIC and mid 600+ for writing cuz thats what im getting as of now.. taking in November.</p>

<p>Extra Curr.
All-State violinist and all the music stuff</p>

<p>in like 7 different clubs include NHS and varsity club and all those</p>

<p>ok this is what i can think as of now.... </p>

<p>I am thinking to apply cornell hotel administration even thuogh i dun think im gettin in juss doin it ... and thse are colleges im THINKING to apply</p>

NYU (stern if i can..)
SUNY Binghamton
UVA... those ranges....</p>

<p>I want some advice where i should apply and where i can get in and everything. Oh i want to major in Business so school with decent or good business school... please help me .. thank you</p>

<p>p.s. does being a foreign student can help in terms of selecting studnets ?</p>