For a student with mild ADHD, what are the pros and cons of disclosing ADHD in the college application?

The key to a good organizational system for any student is that it has to work for the student! Sometimes what we think would be terrific just doesn’t work for the student. A good executive function coach will work with your student to come up with a plan that works for the student! That is THE most important component for the student!


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Agree that apple watch or phone alarms/vibrations, etc. are helpful and easier to keep up with than a cube … as long as the student doesn’t then get sidetracked by playing on their phone :slight_smile:

Fyi an online resource.
Many speakers have own websites or free tips . Fyi no cost or obligation.
Sarah Ward was presenter a few years ago.


Thanks so much for posting this link. I’ve registered for the free event and am really looking forward to trying to catch as much of this as I can!


We chose to not disclose it. I’m cynical. We looked into whether schools on the consideration list were welcoming and supportive of students with these kind of challenges, but I discouraged my D from writing about it in her personal statement, telling the coach who was recruiting her or otherwise making the admissions committee aware of it.

That’s how we did it.