For ALL keen Biology E/M test-takers

<p>Guys, I just need a confirmation of correct answers or a correction of wrong answers and I will be very thankful.:o</p>

<p>1)Include the infectious agent that causes influenza

<p>2)Include the infectious agent that causes malaria

<p>3)Include the organism from which penicillin was isolated

<p>4)Include the organisms that fix nitrogen in root nodules leguminous plants

<p>5)The molecule that carries the genetic information from one cell generation to the next

<p>6)The product of transcription that determines the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain

<p>7)A nucleic acid that bonds temporarily with a specific amino acid during protein synthesis

<p>8)The protein that carries out transcription
RNA polymerase</p>

<p>9)An important process that occurs during sperm formation in diploid organisms is

<p>10)Cutting off the tails of bulldogs for show purposes doesn’t result in taillessness in the next generation. Which of the following is the best explanation for this observation?
No inheritable change is produced by cutting off tails.
Inheritance of acquired characteristics is possible only for animals less complex than mammals</p>

<p>11)The determining factor in natural selection is the no. of individuals that
Survive OR are produced OR migrate OR reproduce OR mutate</p>

<p>12)Two plants that belong to the same order must also belong to the same

<p>13)In a small population of animals, only six individuals possess a certain allele. A large storm randomly kills many individuals of this population, including the six individuals. The gene pool of this population has been affected by?
genetic drift OR natural selection</p>

<p>14)Some insect species resemble other insect species that are poisonous or distasteful. this resemblance is an example of

<p>15)Which of the following is most closely related to a mushroom?
Alga OR bacterium OR yeast OR oak tree OR moss</p>

<p>16)Several human cancers are caused by mutations induced by chemical or environmental agents. Generally these mutations aren’t inherited by offspring because
Mutations aren’t induced in DNA
Mutations can’t occur in gametes or gamete-producing cells
Only mutations in gametes or gamete-producing cells can be inherited</p>

<p>17)In animals, mitosis is LEAST likely to play a significant role in which of the following?
Reduction of chromosome number</p>

<p>18)Which of the following could explain the fact that a woman whose ovulation is normal maybe infertile?
1-Her fallopian tubes are blocked
2-Large quantities of luteinizing hormone LH, are released just prior to ovulation
3-Sperm movement is inhibited by an incompatible pH in the fluids of the vagina or the uterus</p>

<p>19)Which of the following best represents a food chain?
Seeds>mouse>snake>coyote>fleas OR seeds>fleas>mouse>coyote>snake</p>

<p>20)The best evidence that individuals in a population are of the same species would be that they
Can mate and produce fertile offspring</p>

<p>21)An organism that has 6 jointed walking legs, an exoskeleton, and 2 antennae is classified as
An insect</p>

<p>22)Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) lack which of the following?

<p>23)Which of the following is LEAST closely related to the others?
Snake OR lizard OR frog OR alligator OR turtle</p>

<p>24)Of the following, the best indicator of the rate of photosynthesis in green plants is the rate at which?
Carbon dioxide is consumed</p>

<p>25)Which of the following DOESN’T contain a membrane as part of its structure?

<p>26)Which of the following is a true statement about photosynthesis?
It is initiated by absorption of energy</p>

<p>27)If two parents are carriers of the same recessive allele and their first five children exhibit the dominant phenotype, the probability that their next child will exhibit the recessive phenotype?

<p>28)True statements about linked genes include which of the following?
1-The alleles for linked genes may be separated due to crossing-over.
2-Linked genes are on the same chromosome
3-Linked genes occur only on the sex chromosome</p>

<p>29)The aerobic cellular respiration of glucose is different from the simple burning of glucose in that the aerobic respiration of glucose
Release more energy</p>

<p>30)Prokaryotes and eukaryotes are both similar in a lot except

<p>31)The function of mitosis is to
Replicate chromosomes OR distribute one copy of each chromosome to each new cell</p>

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<p>These are my comments and answers.</p>

<p>10) No inheritable change is produced by cutting off tails.
11) Reproduction is key in natural selection.
13) Genetic drift.
15) Yeast is a fungi.
16) Only mutations in gametes or gamete-producing cells can be inherited.
19) seeds>fleas>mouse>coyote>snake
24) NETT carbon dioxide consumption would be best, but if that's not in the option, carbon dioxide consumption would be fine.
28) 1 and 2.
30) There is not just 1 difference. There are many, in fact. Mitochondria is one of them. Size of the genome, arrangement of chromosomes, mitosis/binary fission, arrangement of genes are all different as well.
31) Distribute one copy of each chromosome to each new cell.</p>

<p>I'm unsure of 18, although it should be 1.
I'm unsure of 23, should be turtle, I believe.</p>

<p>All your other answers are accurate, IMHO. All the best for your Bio Subject Test; I just took mine in Dec. :)</p>

<p>I didn't take the Bio test but the one least closely related to the others for number 23 would be a frog, all the rest are reptiles.</p>

<p>Oh right, frogs it is. :)</p>

<p>Forgot that turtles were reptiles.</p>

<p>Thanx a lot, guys.</p>

<p>For #19 I'd say mice don't eat fleas
and fleas feed off of coyotes/dogs, etc</p>

<p>Now that you mentioned it, yes, that would be true. :)</p>