for all the EDers

<p>where ya'll applying from? For what major? I'm from Oregon and I'll be applying for BME.</p>

<p>Hey! I'm applying ED from Virginia; Public Health / History of Science, Technology and Medicine.</p>

<p>SF, CA BME/Biology, Go Hopkins.</p>

<p>Hey im applying from NJ for BME but i dont think i have a rats chance of getting in lol</p>

<p>i'm applying for biology. i didn't know if u could apply for multiple majors. i need info on that.</p>

<p>from meridian, mississippi applying for chemistry</p>

<p>can i ask why so many CCers in JHU forum seem to apply for BME??
is it because it's CC ?? or.. it's just a general trend??</p>

<p>the sessions on history of science and on public health were great...did that influence your choice...what do you plan to do with the combination?</p>

<p>Hey RMorgan... I actually wasn't at the open house. I took History of Modern Medicine (as well as a 19th Century British Literature course) at Hopkins over the summer though.
I found that a lot of the course concentrated on public health issues- social factors, epidemiology, and urban design. The premed types in the class were a little disappointed- there was nary a mention of penicillin - but it was perfect for me. Public health is a nirvana-like combination of everything I love- international relations, medicine, "helping people," public relations, and advertising. I plan to make a career in it, somehow, maybe with a non-governmental organization or perhaps WHO.
As for the combination, I figure it's always good to have a historical background in what you're looking to do, learning from the past and such. If you know the history of how a disease has worked in the past, or a sociological reason that people of a specific culture might avoid health care, it's got to help.</p>

<p>hey i went to jhu precollege too haha. goood times</p>

<p>jhu09- who are you?</p>

<p>roger. who are you?</p>

<p>Olivia. Don't think we met.</p>