For anybody who's ever had two instructors

<p>for the same course, what does that mean? Do they both teach? Or does one grade while the other teaches? Or do they alternate? For example, the Rhetoric R1B courses have two instructors each.</p>

<p>Just curious.</p>

<p>I haven't taken rhetoric r1b, but I have taken two classes with multiple instructors. ES10 had two instructors last fall who alternated (along with guest lecturers in between). Bio 1b (during fall and spring) has three instructors with a different professor for each of the three sections the class entails: botany, evolution, & ecology. if the course has two instructors, chances are both will be teaching. and if the class has a gsi or student aide, it will be him/her who will be doing the grading.</p>

<p>I have a GSI and a TA. The GSI teaches most of the time and the TA goes over the reading once a week and grades half of the papers. The TA sucks though. He thinks he has to grade hard..</p>

<p>Had 3 professors for UGBA 10... they taught different modules.</p>