For anyone from the previous classes who have been getting accepted off the waitlist,

For anyone from the previous classes who have been getting accepted off the waitlist, How to get accepted and get off the waitlist?
I am showing interest as I could but they said that they don’t have time to evaluate additional materials. My counselor emailed them and they said: “We will not know about potential spots from the waiting list until mid-May at the earliest, and even at that point we would be unlikely to have more than 1 or 2 spaces available”
What are the additional materials should I send? Should I send an additional recommendation letter? I need help from anyone who got accepted off the waitlist.
Wesleyan is my first choice for University. If accepted, I would absolutely come to campus in the fall. I am an international student by the way.

If you check CC threads from last year, there is quite a bit of data about how Wes took around 100 off the WL last year. They under-admitted in March 2017 and then had to take a larger-than-normal # from the WL. However, this year they probably adjusted for that blip by admitting over 100 more than last year, so they’re probably expecting more will enroll by 5/1 than last year. A simple letter indicating you would absolutely enroll if accepted is helpful. Some counselors also advise both an email and a hard copy letter via postal mail.

If the office is saying they can’t evaluate more materials, don’t send anything more beyond the letter.

Data from 2017 Common Data Set (you can find full report with Google Search)
Offered place on WL: 2267

Accepting place on WL: 1233

WL students accepted: 108

They admitted 2013 last year and 2186 this year. School seems determined not to repeat WL lesson of last year.