For anyone who knows anything about recruiting...

Ok, so on my crew team my one friend is this amazing rower. She went to Junior Nationals Development Camp this summer. And when she was there she was one of the top 11 rowers, and went to CanAmMex. She sculls and sweeps, and she sculled mostly at Dev. Camp. One of the coaches from Dev. Camp is giving her a recommendation, as is our club coach. She is 5’9" and pulls a 7:30 2k.

Now shes doing her official visits at:
Indiana University

She has about a B average, she took 4 APs. Her SAT’s are pretty low though, like an 1140. But all these coaches love her to death. The Indiana coach called her while she was at my house last night and talked to her for like an hour. Theyre just all calling her 24-7.

Shes just worried that her SAT score will keep her out of her top choices or keep her from getting money. So, do you guys think her recruitment can get her into these schools?