for ECE, UIUC or Purdue, which is better?

<p>as an international transfer students, I do not have the chance to visit both schools. most of the information i get is from the Internet. according to usnews or other charts, UIUC ranks higher than Purdue, but not that much higher. Ranking is important but not everything.I am really not sure which one is better, could someone please help me, or just provide some useful information, thanks a lot.</p>

<p>I'm biased, but I'd say go UIUC. There are a good number of international students especially in engineering. In general, UIUC is considered better than Purdue for ECE (I was accepted to both and chose UIUC).</p>

<p>thanks, and still not sure about those two schools' reputation in US, Purdue also has a very good engineering in history. according to some, that Purdue is better known outside midwestern.</p>

<p>They're both great universities and both highly renowned throughout the engineering world. You will get a great education at both, and get the same amount of career opportunities. </p>

<p>What i'm really saying is, UIUC and Purdue are fairly equal in prestige and the quality of education you'll get, the only thing you should be considering is the price (purdue is slightly cheaper), and which one you reckon has a better environment for you (that's up for you to decide).</p>

<p>This one also really stumped me when i was choosing which one to enroll in, i eventually went with UIUC aerospace engineering, but seriously though, i've talked to many engineers, and they have an equal opinion about both.</p>

<p>Yeah, I agree with what 4fingered said, too. They are about equal (though UIUC's electrical engineering is still a few steps above, it's a small difference) in prestige and quality (and about equally known outside the midwest). Purdue is somewhat cheaper, so if money is a deciding factor take that into account.</p>

<p>UIUC has an extremely good reputation outside of the Midwest. If you are worried about it not being as "known" as Purdue, you are worrying about nothing.</p>