for frats, why do you have to give out ur ssn?

<p>social secuirty number. y?</p>

<p>Identification purposes? Dunno. Another reason not to join :p.</p>

<p>I would see if you can get out of giving your SSN. The less it's out there, the better.</p>

<p>What Sky Pilot said. I can't fathom a reason why they'd need it. Even doctor's offices don't really need them; supposedly it's only so they can put a hit on you through a collection agency if you don't pay up.</p>

<p>What's sad is social security was never meant to be used as identification. Older SS cards had a thing on them that said "NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION" or something.</p>

<p>Yeah it sucks, I'd refuse to give it out unless they absolutely demand it. Try to substitute another form of id? passport?</p>

<p>Someone stole my ssn when I was 16 and opened fraudulent accounts :/</p>

<p>I put a fake ssn. They won't know the difference.</p>

<p>Yeah. And if they do know the difference, then you know that there's something not quite right with them having that knowledge..</p>

<p>Usually it's as an insurance for the fraternity. There are situations where a brother in a fraternity won't pay his dues and/or rent and drops out of school. This leaves the fraternity liable for the potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that the person did not pay. In order for the fraternity to send a collection agency it usually must have a member agreement with a social security number. That's usually the most common reason a fraternity a ssn, however, there are others.</p>

<p>I also agree with Kenson. Ask if another form of ID is suitable. Suggest a drivers license number.</p>

<p>So they can haze you by taking all your money out of your SS account. </p>

<p>No really, though, they shouldn't be asking for that. They never asked me.</p>

<p>cubexican got it correct. My house asked me for my SSN also.</p>