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<p>(Despite) the attorney's moving plea, the judge (placed) the juvenile offender (on) probation for an (indecisive) period. No error</p>

<p>i put indecisive and it's right</p>

<p>but i dunno why? -_____________-''''''''''</p>

<p>it should be undecided..</p>

<p>indecisive is like a person thinking??</p>

<p>indecisive is like, someone who can't choose between one thing and another.</p>

<p>It means that even though the attorney made a plea for the offender the judge was not sure what to do with the offender so in classic court fashion the judge but the offender on probation for a period that had no set time limit or indiffinitly.</p>

<p>should be "indefinite" not "indecisive"</p>

<p>DEFINITELY not indecisive</p>