For Me: Acting or MT?

<p>I’m a high school senior looking into colleges. Up until now, I’ve only been thinking about MT colleges. After all, my favorite things to watch are musicals. However, the musicals I like the best are things such as Sunday in the Park with George, Light in the Piazza, Parade, etc. Emotionally challenging acting with little “glitz” factor. In this regard, I thought maybe a BFA in Acting would be better suited for my needs. Also, I have limited experience in dance and on-and-off in voice, though I work extremely hard and am great at looking like I know what I’m doing, selling a song, and having a good attitude.</p>

<p>So, I was wondering: At Syracuse, especially, which major do you think I would be best for? My chances of getting in to Syracuse MT with limited dance experience? The differences in the acting in each major? “Glitz” vs. “Honesty” in MT? Can one audition for MT and be considered for Acting? </p>

<p>Any info would be appreciated greatly. Thank you!</p>

<p>My daughter graduated this year from the MT program at Syracuse. She appeared in lead roles in both musicals and non-musicals during her time there. It is a wonderful program, and Acting and MT majors take the same core acting classes for the first two years. The emphasis is definitely on acting for both groups of students; they have the same teachers and use the same techniques. The only difference is that Acting majors have a bit more time in their schedule to take non-required courses like dialects, voice verse, etc.</p>

<p>Yes, you can be considered for Acting if you audition in MT. I am a vocal/acting coach myself, and last year one of my MT students was accepted to the Acting department, so it does happen more often than you might think.</p>

<p>I should tell you that, realistically speaking, if you hope to perform in musicals, you will need good vocal and dance training to be competitive at professional auditions. You should certainly audition for MT departments if that's where your interests lie. See if you can find a dance teacher and vocal coach, though, to help you with your skills before auditions; Syracuse is extremely selective, as are most BFA MT schools. </p>

<p>If you'd like further info on Syracuse, feel free to send me a PM.</p>